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Insurance solutions that protect you, your business and your loved ones

Have a plan B in place in case you need it

Unexpected things happen.

My job is to make sure you're protected from the unexpected with the right combination of insurance cover.

Income Protection and ACC CoverPlus Extra

Protect your income if you can't work

Your biggest asset is your ability to earn an income.

Income Protection helps you maintain your current lifestyle.

It provides financial security if you're unable to work due to illness or injury. It can help cover things like mortgage repayments, Kiwisaver contributions and other expenses so that you can focus on getting better.

With income protection insurance, you can:

  • Live life without the worry of losing your income.
  • Have peace of mind that you’ll be covered with regular monthly payments in the case of an injury or inability to work.
  • Focus on recovery instead of stressing about unpaid bills and mortgage payments.
  • Get access to the latest medical procedures and technology without worrying about large medical bills.

If you are self-employed, working more than 30 hours per week and not paying PAYE, you can reduce your ACC levies with ACC CoverPlus Extra and integrate your Income Protection plan for a cost-effective and comprehensive Plan B.

Life, Trauma and Disability cover

Life insurance for you and the key people in your business

Life cover pays out in the event of your death. This type of cover can support the loved ones you leave behind. If you’re a business owner or shareholder, it can secure the business’ long-term survival.

​Life cover can help with things like:

  • Repaying debts or mortgages
  • Providing an income for the family left behind
  • Giving your business access to continuity funds should a key person become incapacitated.

Life insurance becomes more expensive as you get older, so there are many benefits to taking it out while you're young and healthy.

Trauma cover pays out a lump sum if you experience a serious health event like cancer, heart attack, stroke or paralysis. Unlike life insurance, this cover is paid out while you’re still alive. 

Total Disablement cover pays out a lump sum if you suffer a crippling injury or illness and are no longer able to work.

Private Health Insurance

Access private health care when you need it most

While the New Zealand public health system looks after urgent problems, treatment for non-urgent medical conditions can involve a long, uncomfortable wait.

With private health insurance, you can:

  • Protect your health and the health of your loved ones
  • Have the freedom to select the best specialist and hospital in New Zealand
  • Avoid long waiting lists to receive treatment
  • Access to the latest medical procedures and technology
  • *Not have to worry about large medical bills

It makes sense to get health insurance when you’re fit and healthy, as you’re unlikely to get cover for problems you already have if you take it out later on.

Group Health Insurance for businessesIf you run a company with 15 employees or more I can secure attractive discounts from the individual retail rate. These policies also accept pre-existing conditions and cover family members not employed by the company. 

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