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Hi, I'm Tony Gill.

As a business owner, I know that starting and running your own company, especially today, is a tough job.

The world has changed.

A lot of what we have taken for granted in business and in our everyday lives, has been replaced with uncertainties and “what ifs?”.

Protecting your finances, should the unexpected happen, is more important than ever before. Insurance provides a safety net and can protect you and what matters the most to you.

I’ve been a financial adviser for over 20 years and my company Gill & Co 1999 Ltd holds a FAP (financial Advice Provider) Class 1 Licence. I specialise in Risk Insurance and ACC for the self employed.

I’m passionate about putting the right insurance in place for my clients and their circumstances and how ACC Cover Plus Extra can be applied successfully. 

I know each and every one of my clients and genuinely care about their wellbeing and what best suits their changing needs. 

If you need to make a claim I’m here to see that the process runs smoothly and that your claim is paid out on time.

My values are simple
E - stands for Enthusiasm
F – for Fun
G – Generosity
H – Honesty
And L – for Loyalty
Meet My Professional Network
Cam Inskeep
Financial Adviser
Cam is a licensed financial adviser operating his own financial advice business. Cam assists our clients to save quickly for their first home and successfully grow their retirement income with KiwiSaver.
Keith Kerr
Financial Adviser
Keith is a licensed financial adviser operating his own financial advice business. Keith assists our clients in better understanding their cash flow, clearing debt and creating wealth, including securing suitable and well-structured mortgages.
Karin Botha
Karin knows that having a good relationship with both our clients and insurers results in the best outcome.
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